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From Tupperware to Transformation: What's That Smell in Your Spiritual Life?

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Valerie and I love Tupperware; we like the convenience of those tightly sealed plastic containers that can preserve leftover food so we can enjoy it later. But Tupperware can also be a bad thing.  We all know from personal experience what can happen when the container of leftovers gets pushed to the back of the fridge!  One day you’ll open the fridge and utter those three little inevitable words: "What’s that smell?" 

You know, it got me to thinking, that’s a question that we all should be asking about our spiritual lives each day!  Each of us as Christians should ask ourselves; how does my life smell to God?  Paul writes to the 1st century church saying, “For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved and in them that perish:” (II Cor. 2:15)  

Just like the odor in the refrigerator, the smell isn't the problem - it's just the symptom!  The real problem is that something has gone bad on the inside and things aren't going to get better until we clean out what may be deep inside.  Now if you’re a Christian, your life is God's temple but maybe there’s some stuff that’s been pushed to the back shelf that needs to be removed!  A hidden motive; a secret sin, a secret addiction; harbored hard feelings; a spirit of rebellion; maybe an unholy passion - something that has God asking, “What’s that smell?”

Listen, the longer you wait to remove the bad stuff, the worse it's going to get.  God wants to inhale the sweet savor of Christ in each of us, but He can only do that when we get rid of the sin in our life. Today God longs to give you the blessing and the joy that comes from being in Christ.  He’ll do that for you right now, if you'll deal with the real source of what's been messing things up. Don't push it out of sight any longer. Get rid of the sin by repenting and living faithfully to the gospel of Christ right now!


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