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Pinnacle is a church built on the biblical pattern we read about in the New Testament. We try to follow the historic doctrines of Christianity.

We seek to promote simple Christianity and a restoration of the ancient paths followed by the Restoration Movement. We will do our level best to speak where the Bible speaks and to be silent where the Bible is silent. Those familiar with churches of Christ will find a comfortable home, as will those who simply desire to follow Jesus.

This is a place where:

  • You can ask any question

  • Leadership will be open, transparent and shared

  • Faith and science are not incompatible

  • You won’t have to check your brain at the door

  • You'll engage the culture with the word of God

  • All are welcome in a diverse, multi-ethnic body

We are excited about this journey to be Christ’s church and to bring his word to our city.  We invite you to join us on this quest, to be a part of this family of believers. This will truly be a place you can call home.

“All the churches of Christ greet you…” (Romans 16:16).

We hope you will come be part of our church family!

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