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Often people are hesitant to visit an unfamiliar church. We want you to feel comfortable and welcome at all of our services. As our honored guest you will be greeted cordially. Our congregation is a diverse group of all ages, races and backgrounds. We believe the gospel is for all, and we are all one in Christ.

What should I wear?

We hope you will feel comfortable here no matter how you choose to dress. Some people wear suits or dresses; others come in casual slacks, jeans or shorts. Whatever you wear, we will welcome you.

What's the preaching like?

Accurate and relevant Bible teaching is an important element of our worship. We believe that we should have scriptural authority for everything that we do as Christians and as a church. The Bible is the inspired Word of God and it is all that we use to determine our practices and beliefs.

What style of worship should I expect?

You will find us joining together in enthusiastic congregational singing. We sing to praise God and exhort one another, not for entertainment.  We don't use man-made musical instruments in our worship because the New Testament Christians did not. 

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