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From Forgotten to Forever: The Heartwarming Tale of Vanessa's Adoption

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On a sweltering summer day in 2012, a sorry excuse for a couple pulled up to the Villalobos Dog Shelter in Louisiana and dumped a 12-week-old puppy like a bag of garbage. The kind folks at the shelter took in the pitiful little dehydrated and emaci- ated creature and nursed it back to health.

They named the sweet little dog Vanessa and put her up for adoption. But no one claimed her. She was ignored, and stayed in the shelter. For days...weeks...months... and years. For eleven years, she has been waiting for a home and family.

Vanessa is now old and gray. But when a kind woman from Delaware saw her picture, she opened her heart and her home and adopted her. Now Vanessa will spend her final years being loved. Her last days will be her best days.

I’m not crying. You’re crying.

When the unloved are loved, when the forgotten are remembered, when the homeless find a home, we get a glimpse of what God has done for us.


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