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Last Meals

I’ve thought hundreds of times about the menu for my last meal. I’ve even narrowed it down to a top ten. Ask me about it, and I’ll tell you.

And, no, I don’t anticipate doing time or being on death row where this could be an issue, so no worries.

But I digress.

Someone recently posted a picture on Facebook of the menu for the last day the Titanic spent above water. Attracting my curiosity was one item, “Chicken a la Maryland.” Not sure about that, I looked it up. It is a pan fried version of Southern fried chicken with cream gravy.

Count me in.

As good as that sounds, I’m guessing the folks on that voyage would’ve traded Chicken a la Maryland for a can of Vienna Sausages if it meant avoiding that iceberg.

One day, we will have our last meal. Then what?

Folks, it is worth thinking about.

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