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“Winter is a season of recovery and preparation”—Paul Theroux

Marty Bearnard would agree. He is a male black bear who crashed for the winter under a family’s deck in Plainville, Conn. He has nestled in a crawl space, stretched out on a bed of leaves and a tarp. The family named him and gave him an Instagram account with a bio that reads, “Currently I am hibernating until I’m ready for hot bear summer.” A Tik Tok video of Marty the Bear has been viewed more than 15 million times.

It’s a bear market for Marty these days.

Since we can’t hibernate for the winter — at least most of us, any- way — let’s spend these dreary winter days with bright, positive, meaningful actions that will make a difference. Write a card. Make a visit. Read your Bible (or new devotional book). Take a walk. Sing a song. Encourage someone. Pray.

You can rest from your labors later (Rev. 14:13).


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