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From Popcorn and Commercials to Faith and Authenticity: Are You Truly Living in Christ?

faith and authenticity

Valerie and I really enjoy the rare moments when we can find time to curl up on the sofa with a big bowl of popcorn and relax while watching TV together!  It doesn’t really matter what’s on, we even have fun watching the commercials!  Have you seen the one where the guy talks like he’s a doctor?  He knows all the right words and all the medical jargon but when the lady asks him if he’s a doctor; he replies, “No but I play one on TV!”

You know, it got me to thinking; it’s like this for some people when it comes to their relationship with the Lord. Unfortunately, we all know people like this who know all the right words and speak the Christian jargon about Jesus, but when you need a real Christian, you may find that some are just “playing the part”.  Somehow these folks have never personally experienced or obeyed Christ as the Lord of their lives.    Remember, it was Jesus who said, "...This people draweth night unto me with their mouth and honoreth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me."  (Matt. 15:8)  

Now when it comes to religion, anybody can talk a good game, anyone can sound like they know the Lord while really being far away!  But belonging to Jesus takes more than just knowing the right words to say or the correct jargon to use.  It's having Christ in your heart that determines your destiny, not whether He's in your words!  It's possible to have the Lord all around you while not actually being in the Lord yourself.  Being in Christ only comes by obedience to the gospel and the bible teaches if you're not in Christ; you're not going to be in heaven either!  (Jn. 14:6)

I believe those in the most danger today may not be those who haven't heard about Jesus, but those who have heard over and over again and have never responded!  Maybe someone reading this article today should ask the question, am I really in Christ?  Have I done the things the bible teaches one must do to be added to the church; “am I really a Christian or just playing the part?”  The truth is, real Christianity only comes as we exercise faith in Christ by obedience to His blessed commands.


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