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Beyond Designer Sunglasses: Living a Christian Life that Reflects Christ's Image

sunglasses reflecting church

Valerie and I were on our way home from morning service when we stopped at the red light and a car eased up to our passenger side.  We noticed this lady frantically waving us and we assumed that it was someone who knew us from church.  It was obvious that she was trying to speak to us but when Valerie rolled down her window the lady asked, “Honey, where did you get those designer sunglasses?”  That’s right; somehow this lady had looked over and zeroed in on a tiny little designer symbol on Valerie’s glasses!


     You know, it got me to thinking about how as Christians we ought to be as concerned about what people see IN us as we are about what they see ON us.  The apostle Paul wrote, “But we have this treasure hidden in earthen vessels that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us”.  (II Cor. 4:7)  

     The truth of the matter is that if you dare to call yourself a Christian; people are going to be looking at you to see how you carry yourself in life.  I suppose its just human nature that some will want to scrutinize others and observe even the tiniest details of their speech, or dress or even their character.  What’s important is that we remember that as a Christian we represent more than just ourselves; we represent Christ!  The image that some will have of who Jesus is often depends on what they see and observe in us.

      You wouldn’t think that a total stranger could even see, much less care about a tiny little symbol being worn by someone in another car.  But people notice things; the question is what are they noticing about your life?  I hope we’ll all remember to let the excellency of Christ shine forth in our lives not only as we worship but, in every way, that we act, interact and serve.  You just never know; but it’s a safe bet that someone is probably watching!




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