About us

Our family

What does it mean to be a part of a church family? Of all the word pictures and metaphors used to describe the church, one stands out above the rest: family. In fact, it is so much of the essence of the church that it cannot even properly be called a metaphor.

Metaphors describe what the church is like or similar to—light, flock, field, building—but family is not metaphorical; it is a literal description of the phenomena we know as church.

The church is not like family; it is family.

God is literally our Father, Jesus is literally our elder brother, and we are literally brothers and sisters in Christ. Family is the primary way the early church identified themselves.

At Pinnacle, you'll find a loving and diverse family that's ready to welcome you. We are a body of believers of all ages and races. Some are new Christians and some have been Christ followers for many years.

Not everyone receives love and support from their physical family, but our heavenly Father never forsakes us. His love is unchanging, unconditional and eternal. The church is a spiritual family and we extend His love and support to each other and to you. If you're not already part of a church family, we hope you'll find a home at Pinnacle church of Christ.