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We are always learning and growing in our walk with God. Do you have a question for Chuck and John? Ask us.

I am really struggling with my faith lately. Why has God allowed so much suffering with the COVID-19 pandemic?


This is a pretty common question being asked these days. The suddenness of the coronavirus throwing the world into chaos has left most of us shell-shocked. But taking a look at the big picture offers at least a few answers and some valuable lessons. Read more >


John, I’ve heard you say being happy is not the Christian's main goal.  Doesn’t God want us to be happy?


Thanks for the question and opportunity to clarify my statement. I think my complete statement was ‘being happy is not the Christian's main goal, being joyful should be.’  You see, happiness is an emotion that comes from a sense that all is right with our world. Everyone wants to be happy, but happiness, as our ultimate goal, can be elusive. Read more >


John, you've talked about the Christian's walk. What does it mean to walk worthy?


Yes, the Bible uses the phrase "walk worthy" in Eph. 4:1 and Col. 1:10 in the KJV. The important thing to understand about this wording is that "walk" means "live a life worthy." The ESV reads "walk in a manner worthy." Read more >